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About us

... Thought behind our existance ...

The idea of Theindianmakers.com has took place based on learning of the relationship between the artisans and customers in the past. The relationship was very close and responsible for each other and continued over generation to generation and ensured the sustainability of craft and livelihood of craft persons.


There were a system existed where families of a village or many villages were distributed and allocated between the families of various craft practicners in such a way so that production capability of each craft family will have sufficient number of consuming families so that the well being of artisans family were ensured.


The name of artisans was worked as brand on basis of high quality of craftsmanship. But this socio economic institution has been collapsed in last four to five decades when the industrial products have found their way to rural India.


The artisans still have skills to make unique products but the current local demand is not enough to give market for all the potential production. But, these artisans know that there is a new growing market which is urban India and international market. However, these very skilled hands know very little about how to reach to this emerging market.


These skilled artisans need a little push to connect with the new market and being a grassroot organization we thought of Theindianmaker.com to become a bridge between artisans & customer.


Theindianmaker.com is own & run by Kala Swaraj Foundation which is a registered NOT FOR PROFIT Company. It is registered on August 17th 2016 under Indian Companies act 2013 with a registration number U74999MP2016NPL041334.